3 Reasons Why rewriting is important in Academic writing

Online writing tools have greatly improved to provide convenience and ease to students to do their academic work.

However, the use of technology can have positive and negative outcomes that depend totally on the individual’s intent.

Writing lengthy essays, assignments, and a thesis in a short amount of time is a challenge for students because writing such academic tasks manually is a tedious and time-consuming process. 

Many students are often confused about whether or not they should use an article rewriter to do their academic work therefore, we decide to discuss a few reasonable logic to clear this confusion. 

In this post, we will discuss 3 reasons that will answer the question ‘why you should use an article rewriter for your academic papers?’

Before jumping straight to the reasons let’s discuss the importance of rewriting in academics.

But, students don’t have to struggle anymore to write their academic papers, all thanks to the AI-powered article rewriter which students can use to complete any academic writing task firstly and accurately.

The importance of rewriting in the academic world and why?

To rewrite something, one must read it, absorb its meaning, and then come up with one’s own unique way to express the same idea.

Rewriting plays a crucial part in academic writing. There is no requirement for thinking of original ideas when writing academically, one only needs to rewrite already written content to give it a logical flow.

Since copying or plagiarising work in academics will not only results in negative grades but also hurts the reputation, online rewriting tools can assist students in keeping their written projects unique and plagiarism-free.

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An article rewriter is a tool that will rewrite your essay or other content to make it more readable, improved, and impressive.

If you need more reasons why you should use article rewriting tools for your schoolwork, consider the following reasons.

3 Reasons: Why you Should use an Article Rewriter for your Academic Papers

Using an AI-powered article rewriter to enhance your academic writing is a sensible choice in today’s environment of constant innovation. 

You should use an article rewriter for your academic papers for the three reasons below.

  1. Plagiarism-free Writing

Copied or plagiarized work has zero credibility in the academic world. If your academic paper contains any degree of plagiarism there are strong chances that you will get a straight ‘F’ in your grades.

Plagiarism in your academic work is basically violating academic rules therefore, many institutes around the world have introduced anti-plagiarism policies which students have to follow at any cost.

Writing an academic paper manually without getting any plagiarism is a very difficult and time-consuming task because no matter how brilliant the student you are rewriting something manually has a good percentage of plagiarism. 

This is why you should use an article rewriter, the tool works on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms that take input text from the user and then rewrites the text making it 100% plagiarism-free.

But, the question here is how does an article rewriter ensure content uniqueness?

The tool does this by replacing the words of input text with their suitable synonyms and also by changing particular terms and phrases to prevent plagiarism.

  1. Error Free Writing
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Another reason why students should use a rewriting tool is that the tool produces error-free content. When we do manual rewriting there are high chances of grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes.

And most of the time we don’t even realize that such mistakes exist in our assignments and essays unless our teachers highlight the mistakes and deduct our marks. 

It is because when we rewrite something manually, we are so caught up in the original text and the rewriting process and we keep on checking the original text which diverts our attention and we make mistakes in grammar and spelling.

An article rewriter is recommended use for academic writing because it uses cutting-edge technology that automatically rewrites text for making it error-free.

The tool analyzes the whole text before rewriting it and finds out all the hidden grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes in the source text and then rewrites the text using Natural Language Processing technology by removing all such mistakes.

The whole process takes a few minutes and you have a newfound version of the text for your assignments and other academic papers.


Let’s run some error-prone text through an article rewriter and see whether or not it removes the errors while rewriting the text.

The input text in the image contains around 3 errors including grammatical and spelling. The tool actually rewrites the source text by removing and fixing all the errors.

  1. Takes Care of the Sentence Structure

Last but not least, the rewriting tool is considered reasonable to use because the tool takes care of the sentence structure of the text throughout.

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Maintaining the sentence structure of the academic paper is very important if you want to secure good grades.

The perfect sentence structure improves the readability and credibility of the academic paper but the problem here is many students are not good with sentences and they make mistakes in the sentence structure regardless of how good they are at rewriting. 

This is where an article rewriter comes in handy, the tool not only removes plagiarism from the text or fixes errors in the writing but also maintains the structure of the sentences while rewriting.

The tool does this by making some changes to the sentences like replacing active voice sentences with passive voice and passive voice sentences with active voice. 

Wind up

When it comes to academic writing, such as essays, research papers, and theses, article rewriters are a huge time-saver.

Getting good scores requires actual research rather than merely copying and pasting from the internet.

If you want your academic paper to stand out from the crowd, use an article rewriter. Its speedy results are crucial, but it also helps you expand your vocabulary.

You can avoid doing all the writing by yourself. Simply input your research into the article rewriter and let it do the rest to produce high-quality articles for your school assignments.

You can check out the reasons discussed above to know why you should use a rewriting tool for doing your academic writing.