7 Best Free Blogger Template for Lyrics Website 2022

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Hello guys, are you looking for best Free Blogger Template for Lyrics Website? if Yes, then you are in right place because here, through this post we are going to share top 10 best Blogger Template which you can use for your lyrics website.

Lyrics Website is a very good niece if you want to become a blogger in 2022. You can make huge money by making a lyrics website, if you post regular new lyrics.

To get success in lyrics website, you have to post at least two or more lyrics in a day in your webiste.

You can make lyrics website for free using blogger. Because is a best solutions of new blogger because to make website using BlogSpot or Blogger you don’t need to spend any rupees for buying domain and hosting.

But we like to suggest you to go through a Top Level Domain which you cost you only 200 to 600 INR.

Lest jump to the content.

10 Best Free Blogger Template for Lyrics Website

  1. Song and Silence
  2. Lyricist
  3. TheMusic
  4. iTunes
  5. MusicPlus
  6. MusicBlog
  7. PartyNote

1. Song and Silence

This is an amazing blogger template for lyrics website. This template two columns which really given very attractive output. This blogger template can be used to make any type of music and lyrics webite.

This template is free to use, you don’ need to pay anything to download the awesome template. So if you want to make a free BlogSpot website for song lyrics then this “Song and Silence” theme may be vest choice for you.

2. Lyricist

Lyricist is a great and most used template for lyrics website. The interface of Lyricist template is very easy to use and it gives very clean output.

This is an advance template, you will get a lot of customization also. This template looks very premium and classy. If you are making a lyrics blog then you can consider this awesome free blogger template also.

3. TheMusic

TheMusic is an another pick of us for the best list of free blogger template for lyrics website. This template is suitable of music and lyrics website both.

So if you want to share music and as well as lyrics with your audience then you should go through this amazing free template.

4. iTunes

iTunes is a premium bogger template which you use for free to make a lyrics website. This template offers many good features like wo columns, right-sidebar, slider, rounded corners, footer columns, and vectoral elements suitable.

With all these features you can make an awesome lyrics website for free. This template can be download for free using download link provide below.

5. MusicPlus

MusicsPlus is an another pick of us for the list of best Free Blogger Template for Lyrics Website. This template offers some unique features like rounded corner, right sidebar, footer column etc.

Using this template you can make a very good looking lyrics website. You can use this template for free without paying anything.

6. Music Blog

Music Blog is an another best template for lyrics website. You can make a good and premium looking website using this template.

This template offers many types of good features like slider, social bookmarking icons, girly looking, and vectoral elements. Which can help you to make an awesome lyrics webiste.

7. PartyNote

PartyNotes is a free BlogSpot template which will give you website an unique look. This template can help you if you are looking to make an unique lyrics website.

This template offers features like right-sidebar, fresh look, slider, social bookmarking icons, geometric motifs, and 3D effect.


Through this post, we have shared a list of Best Free Blogger Template for Lyrics Website. Hope, you liked the information shared in this post, if you liked, then please do share this post with your friends as well.

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